Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners take a dog's energy levels and exercise requirements into account when choosing a breed so it matches their own lifestyle. my sharpei ( black ) her ears stand straight , she is a registered sharpei, This is my is my question am i going to have a hard time finding another registered to breed her because of her ears? A few breeds are known to suffer from specific hereditary and congenital health issues, although good breeding practices go a long way in reducing the risk of a dog developing a genetic disorder. Any dog improperly raised or handled has the potential to be dangerous. As with any other breed, the Shar Pei needs to be groomed on a regular basis to make sure their coats and skin are kept in top condition. Animal Genetics Journal. Thanks to careful and selective breeding, the Shar Pei has become a popular choice with many people not only here in the UK but in other regions of the world and breeders have successfully bred out many of the health issues that once plagued the breed so much. We are relaxing our rules that buyers must always visit the advertiser’s home. Immune-mediated vasculitis in a shar-pei with swollen hock syndrome. Required fields are marked *. Woof! How much should you pay for a Cockapoo puppy? They boast a blue tongue which is one of the distinguishing physical traits of the Chow Chow and as such, it is thought they too might well have been used to create the Shar Pei. However, not ever home is suited to a rescue dog. She will be a loving companion for someone once she gets to know and trust them, as she is very affectionate and loves a snuggle. His hair is fine and short and doesn’t shed much beyond his bed. All dogs shed whether it's hair or dander (dead skin) with some breeds shedding more than others. Abundant and fine wrinkles cover the forehead and the orbital region, which then extend downward to form folds. Pets4Homes rates the "Shar Pei" breed as 3 out of 5 for "Size". (Same breed) but he’s gonna be a cream. Their numbers steadily rose over the following years with Shar Peis being exported to other countries which included New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Italy, Russia and Cyprus to name but a few. Shar Peis are always quick to let an owner know when they don't like something that is going on in their environment and because they are wary of strangers, they would always react to when people they don't know are around. Analysis of Dog Bites In Children Who Are Younger Than 17 Years. There are many breeds which are often better suited as companions rather than family pets thanks to their small and tiny size. but it's also essential to check that the fencing is secure and that there are no toxic plants growing in flower beds which could end up making a puppy very ill. Puppies sleep for up to 21 hours a day so it's important to set up a quiet area for them to nap in. Similar Images . Coco is very loving once she trusts you, loves her walks and will bound around playfully. Like so many other breeds, the Shar Pei is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues which are worth knowing about if you are planning share your home with one of these active and unique looking dogs. Mum is POAG / PLL clear and has no health . Download: gif. Dogs that have been spayed/neutered, or that are older, may need slightly fewer calories. The area should not be too out of the way because a puppy needs to know someone is around and that they are not all alone in a strange environment away from their mothers and their litter mates. I’ve gotten both my shar-peis from county shelters in my state. Some Shar Peis put on weight once they have been spayed or neutered and again it's important to adjust a dog's calorie intake if they do and to discuss things with the vet. On top of this, you would need to factor in veterinary costs if you want to share your home with a Shar Pei and this includes their initial vaccinations, their annual boosters, the cost of neutering or spaying your dog when the time is right and their yearly health checks, all of which quickly adds up to over a £1200 a year. Anyone wishing to buy a Shar Pei puppy should think very carefully about who they purchase their puppy from and should always ask to see the relevant paperwork pertaining to a puppy's lineage, their vaccinations and their microchipping. This lovely lad enjoys nothing more than being in the company of his human friends, but can be a little shy when initially meeting new people. I disagree alot with what this little guide states in regards to their temperaments. You can change a puppy's diet, but this needs to be done very gradually always making sure they don't develop any digestive upsets and if they do, it's best to put them back on their original diet and to discuss things with the vet before attempting to change it again. Over 200 people wrote letters to the magazine, most of which came from people who wanted to buy these dogs. Then you’ll need some kit! As an owner you have great control over how your dog acts, however, dogs can be either good or bad. Over time with careful and selective breeding, these issues have been successfully bred out of the Shar Pei with breeders producing dogs with longer legs, not so many folds in their skin and much healthier eyelids. Because the Shar Pei has so many folds and wrinkles on their faces and bodies, they are prone to suffering from skin issues if the folds are not kept immaculately clean. I think the dog foods I bought were too rich, I have cooked rice and mixed it with tuna and canned vegetables for many years now. Sadly, the severe structural health problems mean that many owners consider alternative breeds. I will continue taking care of LeLe and Meiling…I fed them baked chicken and rice..I love this bread of doggies and so did my Husband, they are special dogs that love their owners. This condition is linked to the same gene which causes the wrinkles. A lot of breeds form extremely strong ties with their owners which means they stress out when they are left on their own which includes for short periods of time. These extraordinary dogs have been around for centuries having first been developed by crossing Nordic dogs with Mastiff-type breeds. The breed originated in China where they were originally bred to work as herding, guarding and hunting dogs, although at the time they were a popular choice as fighting dogs too. Change to a fish based diet, no other protein and it should go away as well as shar pei smell. Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners check out a breed's intelligence and their specific energy needs before making their final decision so their dog's needs fit in well with their lifestyle. It's best to feed a mature dog twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening, making sure it's good quality food that meets all their nutritional requirements. Apart from these expenses, there's pet insurance to consider which lots of owners choose to take out just in case their dogs fall sick or get injured. Your email address will not be published. The breed resembles many dog breeds from the mastiff family; however, it is most closely related to spitz breeds, with the Chow Chow being its closest relative. There are three main coat types which you are likely to come across. These date back to the Han Dynasty period (roughly 200 B.C). If your Shar Pei shows any unusual symptoms you should seek veterinary advice straight away. If a Shar Pei has grown up with a cat in the household, they generally get on well with them. Regardless of the height, an adult Shar Pei should weigh between 18 and 25kg. Some dogs develop allergies which can prove hard to clear up and finding the triggers is challenging. Chinese Shar-Pei Fever: also known as Familial Shar-Pei fever, this is an immunoreactive disorder – autoinflammatory syndrome (not autoimmune) found only in Chinese Shar-Pei dogs characterized by random inflammatory events with one or more bouts of unexplained fever, sometimes with Swelling around a joint with or without inflammation or muzzle, Abdominal pain, “roached” back, … He has very swollen paws that must be very painful. A sturdy dog, they are normally more stocky then fat. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners check out just how tolerant a breed is of being left on their own before making the final decision on which breed would best suit their lifestyle. However, because a breed is known to be a fast learner, it means they are just as quick to pick up bad habits too. He will not even poop in our yard. Thus is a very good document on Shar Pei. Their eyes are almond-shaped, medium in size, dark in colour with dogs having their trademark frowning expression. The Shar Pei has a compact, sturdy body with a broad, deep chest and short, strong back. Canine elbow dysplasia in different breeds. after a while she will grow to concider your dogs family. Large and Giant breeds tend to be a little too large to be around toddlers and younger children simply because of their huge size, although very often many of these breeds are in fact gentle giants. Buying a puppy - The most important questions to ask the breeder, The top ten most popular registered dog breeds in the UK, Dog Pregnancy - A Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar, Shar Peis are calm and confident by nature, They are easy to house train because they like being clean, They are not known to be "barkers" being more quiet dogs by nature, Very loyal and dedicated to their owners and families, They are natural watchdogs and will protect their owners and their property, Great choice for people with older children who are familiar with the breed’s needs, Can be stubborn, strong willed when the mood takes them, Not the best choice for first time dog owners, Can be aggressive towards other dogs and animals, Shar Pei puppies and dogs are expensive to buy, Known to suffer from various health concerns which can lead to high vet bills, Known to snore and snort thanks to their flatter faces, Can be aloof and wary with people they don't know, Can be over-protective of their owners and property, They thrive on human company and never like to be left on their own for too long, They are prone to suffering from fungal infections that flare up in a dog's wrinkles. These dogs have evolved to be highly intelligent with some breeds being more than capable of working for extremely long periods of time. In 1978 the breed suddenly caught the attention of the world and was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as being one of the rarest breeds on the planet. He looks a lot like the headshot of the only non Americanized wrinkle dog on this page. If too much wax builds up in a dog's ear, it can lead to an infection taking hold which once it flares up can lead to all sorts of other ear issues if not treated correctly. To check out our puppies click on the Nursery tab, then give us a call 704-340-2771 with all your questions.We look for families that are wanting a loyal , healthy , & beautiful companion for a pet . Shar pei has 3,401 members. PLOS Genetics. You will never confuse Shar-Pei with other breeds because of its short, bristly coat and loose, wrinkled skin. Type of home needed Nula is looking for a quiet adult only home with no visiting children, and where there are few visitors. At all, but a lot of American BREEDERS HAVE CAUSED these sad health problems in Shar Pei. Shar Pei puppy food portions, again depending on age, are a bit less: 1¾ cups per day, divided into three meals (not two) until six months of age. The "Withers" on a dog, are the highest point of the shoulder blades. The Shar Pei is not the best choice for first time dog owners because they need to be handled and trained by people who are familiar with the breed and their very specific needs, bearing in mind that they can be quite hard to train because the Shar Pei is quite stubborn and wilful when the mood takes them. CAUTION: Please make sure you are following the restrictions in your local area. He takes Amoxicillin and I’m also trying other foot soaps and creams per the vet’s advice. 2008. Tellier, LA. Breeds that form strong bonds with their families are best suited to households where at least one person stays at home when everyone else is out because they are at greater risk of developing separation anxiety. Your dog should also be introduced to a variety of humans at an early age including men, women and children. These dogs are very wrinkly as puppies, but as they get older the wrinkles largely disappear apart from around the face. In contrast, American bred Shar Pei’s have very wrinkly faces, they have a distinctively large ‘hippopotamus head’. Pets4Homes rates the "Shar Pei" breed as 4 out of 5 for "Intelligence". Now she even sleeps with one of them, thier a magnificent breed and i think you should accept. Olson et al. Pets4Homes rates the "Shar Pei" breed as 4 out of 5 for "Cost to Keep". Pets4Homes rates the "Shar Pei" breed as 3 out of 5 for "Amount of Shedding". Statuettes of dogs have been found in China that date back from 206 BC to 220 AD which was the time of the Han Dynasty and even today visitors to certain regions of the country will still see Shar Pei working alongside their owners whether hunting, herding or guarding. A dog with a guarding and fighting background, who is confident and independent, is going to be a higher risk. The breed often suffers from problems in their joints, especially their hips and elbows, and this may develop into hip or elbow dysplasia. Finding insurance cover for a Shar Pei can be quite hard, but some companies will agree to offer cover to the breed. He gets along well with smaller dogs unless he is feeling ill from something he should not have eaten. This breed is prone to a wide variety of health problems. Iam so sorry for your bad news. Their nose is wide, large and ideally black in colour although other colours are allowed under the breed standard. Our beautiful Shar Pei girl has had a stunning litter of Bearcoat Shar Pei pups - looking for their forever homes. Familial Shar Pei Fever – a disorder which causes a high temperature, painful swollen joints, swollen face and other symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea. My 9 year old shar pei is blind and seems to be sleeping a lot I am a bit concerned should I be. Even rescues learn to adjust and enjoy traveling. No need to register, buy now! As a rough guide, Shar Pei puppies can be fed the following amounts every day to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly: Once a puppy is 11 months old they can be fed adult dog food as shown below. Please, please check out animal shelters. They often suffer from a condition called demodectic mange which is caused by mites. Prevelance of canine hip dysplasia in a veterinary teaching hospital population. I now have her four year old grand-daughter Magik who like her grandma Macey is just as sweet and lovable companion and quite the cuddler. PlosOne, Cunliffe J, Chinese Shar Pei: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog, i5 Publishing 2012. 1527 x 2048px 117.5KB. It's important to feed Shar Peis a correct diet and to give them the right amount of daily exercise to prevent dogs from gaining too much weight. He’s always been good with people , children and other dogs and cats. Despite their relative rareness the breed still comes up in studies looking at facial bites in children, for example. But as you grow a relationship, and build trust, a sharpei is a good choice. In November he will be 15. However, it's essential for their folds and wrinkles to be checked on a regular basis to make sure they are kept clean and to always dry them thoroughly because if moisture builds up in the wrinkles, it provides the perfect environment for a yeast infection to take hold which can be very hard to clear up. Jeffrey, you could do some shar-pei a huge favor by adopting one from a shelter (or check out one of the many online pet-finders). When Shar Peis reach their golden years, they do slow down in many ways and they might start showing their age with more grey hairs appearing on their faces and more especially around their muzzles. Shar Pei fever is normally a short lives inflammatory condition which can cause high temperatures and aching joints. I have had sharpei for many years, 5 different colors at the same time, my Minga lived to be 16 years old, my bridgette was born blind due to trying to get a tea cup, didn’t work but she lived to be 14, my MarCedez was blue and the largest at 156 pounds lived till age 13, harley was black he died at age 7 kidney issues, and Izabella died at 18 month because the first owner abused her and we tried but it was too late. All dogs have mites living in their skin and it is normally harmless. Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners ask breeders about any genetic diseases that are known to affect a breed and to see all the results of DNA and other tests carried out on parent dogs before they commit to buying a puppy from them. Here are some with similar personalities but better structural health. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £11.99 £ 11 . Many potential owners worry about buying a puppy that is bred to have conformational problems. The Shar Pei is an intelligent dog, but they need to be handled and trained with a firm yet fair hand. Thank you. Shar-Pei is a very active and sociable dog of medium height and square shape with strong and stocky build. Sadly, it is the dogs that suffer as a result. He is perhaps better suited for city living. Around 4 years later, breed numbers had risen to about 350 dogs which were all registered with the Kennel Club. If you are looking for a miniature or toy Shar-Pei, I would strongly suggest that you purchase an older puppy from a reputable breeder. International championship blood lines. They also have a thick, short, curled tail. This advert is located in and around Sheffield, Southyorkshire. It's also very important to check a Shar Pei's ears as often as possible and to clean them when necessary. The average life span of was as stated above although we had quite a few live to 13. The loose skin enables the dog to keep fighting even if another animal has grabbed hold of their skin. As previously touched upon, the Shar Pei is among the most popular breeds in the UK. They may have aggression because of old owner at first. Fortunately, and through the concerted efforts of American breeders, the Shar Pei was saved from extinction with the first dog arriving on British shores in 1981 with female Shar Peis following close behind a year later and they came directly from the Hong Kong breeder Matgo Law. He has only gone to the bathroom inside a couple times when he was alone and feeling ill and he felt terrible about doing it. The first dogs to be taken out of China were shorter in the leg and had a lot more folds and wrinkles with many adults suffering from a condition known as entropion, a painful eye condition that needs veterinary attention. I enjoyed reading your article. The History Of China’s Anti Dog Campaigns. Just because a dog is extremely intelligent does not mean they are easy to live with because like the Border Collie, they can be very demanding when it comes to the amount of exercise and mental stimulation they need to be truly well-balanced, happy dogs when they live in a home environment. I didn’t understand how important socializing him was because I’ve never had an aggressive dog before. Why buy a Shar Pei puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Some Chinese Shar-pei puppies actually need to have their eyelids temporarily "tacked" (stitched away from their eyes) just so they can stay open! However, positive reinforcement training and great socialization can help improve your odds. Their coats may look soft, but in actual fact it is short and bristly to the touch and should never be trimmed. Their close, small ears were harder for their opponents to grab hold of too. I now have bone month Shar Pei and they are family not pets. We have a beautiful shar Pei 2 girls 9 weeks ready for loving home mum and dad are full shar Pei puppys are vet checked and healthy microchiped and first and... 7. . This is why they are not the best choice for novice dog owners because a Shar Pei might get the better of them and start to show a more dominant side to their characters making them harder to handle and live with. These dogs have a harsh, ‘horse hair style’ coat. All Assured Breeders should have stud dogs tested using the following scheme and no bitch under the age of 2 years should produce a litter. Bonnie Lewis: I enjoyed your letter. Other breeds are much higher maintenance and ideally need to be professionally groomed a few times a year to keep their coats nicely trimmed and looking good which can add to the cost of keeping a dog considerably. Houseproud people should choose a low shedding breed to make their lives easier and there are a lot ​of low shedding breeds ​to choose from. Decided this breed is for you? When insurance companies calculate a pet's premium, they factor in several things which includes where you live in the UK and a dog's age and whether they have been neutered or spayed. Back in ancient times, a Shar Pei's loose skin and short, coarse coat offered them protection from their opponents when used as fighting dogs. You can find even more Shar Pei mixes here. The conditions that seem to affect the breed the most include the following: Shar Pei puppies would have had their first vaccinations, but it's essential for them to have their follow-up jabs at the right time with the vaccination schedule being as follows: There has been a lot of discussion about the need for dogs to have boosters. Yes I have had skin problems, ear problems and skin allergies, but we humans have doctor bills too, and those are just the facts of life. His letter was published in April 1973 and it was a big success. In adults, there is a little amount of wrinkling on their shoulders and at the base of their tail. A health survey done by the Chinese Shar-pei Club reported an incredible 35% rate of entropion in the breed. Shar Peis typically has a small, squashed and tightly pinched nose which means that not only will they get out of breath easily but it may be hard for them to breath in general. Highly intelligent dogs do well when they take part in "obedience training" and other canine activities where they get to use their brains while at the same time having a great workout. It described the dog as ‘one of the last surviving specimens of the breed’. A study of Shar-Pei dogs refutes association of the ‘meatmouth’ duplication near HAS2 with Familial Shar-Pei Fever.